Who’s who at Christ Church 

Clergy and Readers

Rev Phil Brooks - Vicar

Phil Brooks has been Vicar at Christ Church since August 2016. He is husband to Jenny and dad to Adam and Sophie. Before he is any of those things, Phil is a Christian - someone who trusts Jesus and knows God as his Father in heaven. Like all Christians, Phil is still learning. His role at Christ Church is to serve God by helping others to do the same. Phil would love to hear from you if you’d like to explore faith in Christ further, or if you have any enquiries about church life.

Nigel Bennett - Lay Minister
Nigel has been a member of Christ Church since 1986; he was licensed as a Reader in 2006. He worked across Sutton Team Ministry and was based as St Barnabas between 2007 and 2016. Nigel trained as a secondary school teacher and now works locally as a school business manager in a unit for vulnerable children.

Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries (SPAs)

The SPAs work across the Sutton Group Ministry. 

Sheila Collis – based at Christ Church
Mary Shepherd – based at Christ Church
Mary Meldrum – based at St Nicholas

Safeguarding Officers

Jean Carver
Simon Keen

PCC Members 

John Mitchell
Catherine Keen
Tom Thake
Jean Carver
Andrew Carver
Simon Keen
Evelyn O'Tim
Christine West
Ros Burge
Bruce Barham
Sheridan Jelliman
David Phillips