Coming to Christ Church for the first time 

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for choosing to spend your time at Christ Church. 

Getting here
Our full address is Christ Church, Christchurch Park, Sutton, SM2 5TN. There is on street parking which is free on Sundays. We have a small car park that takes around 10-15 cars. 

On arrival we have two doors - one from the car park marked 'church office'. This enters you at the front of church. You will need to walk to the back to collect service sheets, hymn books etc. Alternatively take the door off the church green (walk along the length of the church building towards the tower base). There is usually someone standing outside the door here to greet people. Walk through the porch into the church and you will be offered service sheets, hymn books etc. by our welcoming team. 

If you're coming to the 8am Sunday service, there won't be anyone to greet you but you are still most welcome. 

Where to sit
You are welcome to sit anywhere. If you have small children we have a creche in the church office which you are welcome to use. It has an audio-video link to the church so you can follow the service. There are toilets here too with a nappy changing area.

If you're coming for the 8am Sunday service, this takes place in the chancel, which is the area right at the front of church, beyond the big wooden archway.  

The service itself 
The person leading the service will indicate which sheet or book to use, and will indicate where we are in the service as we go through. Hymns and songs will be announced. Words in bold are generally all said together. We generally stand for hymns, and sit for everything else. When it comes to prayer times, you are welcome to sit, kneel or do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. During one of the hymns or songs we will pass round a plate or bag to collect money in. If you are new or visiting, don't feel you need to contribute. If 'the peace' is part of the service, this is a time when we generally shake other people's hands and stay 'peace be with you'. You can do this to as many or few people as you like, and either stay where you are or move around the church. If Communion is part of the service, you'll be invited to the front at the right time by one of our welcoming team. If you prefer, keep your hands by your sides or take your service booklet with you, and the minister will know you want a blessing (a prayer) not communion. If you would like gluten free wafers please let the minister know during the peace. At the end of the service we generally stand whilst the leader of the service walks to the back, and then sit down. It's then up to you how long you stay sitting and when you go and help yourself to tea / coffee.

After the service
We serve tea, coffee and light refreshments after the service (usually cake or biscuits). If you haven't already, do introduce yourself so we can get to know you. You can take home the notice sheet and that will tell you what's happening in the coming week and the services on the following Sunday. 

We have toilets at the back and front of church. The toilet at the back of church is found off the long corridor that runs at the back (the opposite end to the main entrance door). Alternatively there are newly refurbished toilets in the vestry at the front of church, one of which has nappy changing. Do ask if you're unsure where to go. 

Questions or need help?
If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask someone. If they don't know, they will find someone who does. Alternatively contact us in advance using the details on this website.